The Great Canadian Historical Songbook


Canadian History told in Words and Music

Created and Written by Barbara Worthy.

Presented by Aaron Berger and Barbara Worthy.

Original Music by Barbara Worthy, Aaron Berger and Joe Lapinski. Performed by Aaron Berger, Juliet Dunn, Joe Lapinksi, Laurel Minnes, and Adrienne Smoke. Produced at WOW! Recording Studio and Creative Music Space, St. Catharines, Ontario.

Podcast 1:  Agnes and the Cowcatcher:  The unbelievable but true story of how Lady Agnes MacDonald, the wife of Canada’s first Prime Minister John A. Macdonald, christened his CP railroad in 1886, by riding in the cowcatcher in front of the engine, from Banff to Vancouver, with her umbrella!

Podcast 2: Samuel Zimmerman –  Train Baron: A truly brilliant man who helped create the railway network in Ontario that brought Canada steaming into the industrial age, but who died on his own railway tracks, due to poor construction as a result of political favours and handouts.

Podcast 3: Tesla – Man of Light: Nikola Tesla, engineer, inventor and futurist, changed our world with his breakthrough discoveries of electrical production, transmission, and generation. Yet he died in poverty, in a world  forever indebted to him and his brilliance.

Podcast 4: Chloe Cooley – Slave for Sale: She owned her name, but nothing else. As a slave in 1793 she was someone’s property. But her story – and her name – became the impetus for John Graves Simcoe’s historic Act Against Slavery.

Podcast 5: Don’t Speak – The Indian Act:  The Indian Act reduced entire indigenous nations to servitude and loss of language, culture, and self-respect. Residential schools continued the shame. This song highlights the need for hope and a renewed cultural voice.

Podcast 6: Red Hill – Man of the River: William Red Hill Sr., lived in Niagara Falls and was always drawn to the river and its treacherous rapids. He dedicated his life to saving those who felt the pull of those waters, and received the life-long title of ‘The Hero Of Niagara’.


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